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Client Reviews for JOB – Posted on Better Business Bureau Website 


★★★★★ Review By: Albert K. 11/30/19 

I moved to Houston in 2003 and in 2008 was needing to find another job. Based on a strong recommendation I contacted Terry and immediately began working the process that makes JOB so valuable. He helped me understand how the job market works, how to stand out from the crowd of people applying for a job and ensuring you stay focused on doing the things that will get interviews and job offers. The ability of Terry to get you in front of decision makers and guidance on how to present yourself can be difference between getting an interview and getting a job. After 12 years with Terry and several successful job searches he is the first place I turn when beginning a new job search. I have found him to be firm in his approach yet understanding of the apprehension associated with looking for a position. I highly recommend JOB and Terry and know if you follow their advice you will be successful. 


★★★★★ Review by Gary L. 11/26/2019 

I was recently laid off due to a corporate restructuring and reorganization. It had been almost 15 years since my last job search and I quickly realized the job market had changed more than I ever realized. I turned to Kathy ***** and Terry ****** at JOB and they were absolutely great. Kathy assigned me to Terry as my coach. He was GREAT! He was extremely knowledgeable, very personable, and a marvelous mentor and coach. Terry pushed me when I needed it and provided guidance and support at the right time. His knowledge and experience in networking, cover letters, on line data bases for job searches and contact persons was invaluable. He taught me how to rewrite my resume to clearly articulate my strengths and career goals into a document that was complemented by numerous recruiters. The JOB system and methodology works and is very effective. I never felt like I was just another client paying for services rendered. Bottom line, within a relatively short period of time I received a great job offer from a company that is a great fit for me and my future. Terry also helped me negotiate my total compensation package, salary and benefits. I would highly recommend using JOB to anyone in search of a new job or change in career path. Gary **** Spring, TX 


★★★★★ Review By: David W. 03/04/2019 

After being out of the job market for 4 years, I needed a jump start on how to re-enter the work force. It was a difficult time as I had lost my wife a year earlier. I reached out to JOB, not really sure that they could really help. Terry was assigned as my mentor/coach. He provided guidance through a rough time, personally as well as professionally. One characteristic that Terry consistently displayed was positive optimism with a realistic base. He isn’t going to tell or teach you what you want to hear, but what you need hear. They have a process that is tried and true and it works, if you follow it and trust your coach. The team at JOB showed caring and a genuine interest in helping me secure a job that had meaning and aligned with my passion. Additionally, I transitioned into a new industry which has exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend the team at JOB! Thank you again, Terry and the team at JOB! 


★★★★★ Review By: Adrian C. 02/26/2018 During the 2016 Oil/Gas downturn, I worked with Terry and still continue to work with the JOB staff and I’ve received help that has helped me land multiple job offers and been coached to learn about the market, the workforce, and most important how I can demonstrate my best attributes to help organizations accomplish their goals. JOB has been invaluable to me and my professional career. I would recommend Terry and the JOB staff to anyone in need. Thank you for everything! 


★★★★★ Review By: Lucas L. 02/23/2018 

I arrived from South America in April 2013; I contacted Job by the end of 2013 and reached out to Terry. Terry helped me to enter into a new industry, country culture for me. I found a job in the oil and gas industry, so I put the program on pause. After two years I contacted him again, and he helped me again. Terry helped me as a mentor and a guide, not only in a professional way if not personal as well. I recommend Terry’s professional services. 


★★★★★ Review By: John M. 02/21/2018 

After been through other services, and having seen and heard their “systems”, and not having any results, my wife and I decided to try JOB. Our task was heavy, changing careers after having been laid off along with so many others from the petroleum industry after the big downturn in late 2015, having come from a specialty with wonderfully transferable skills that are simply not recognized by most of the rest of the working world. Having met Ms. Kline several times through my wife, with her having used their services, I was already familiar and comfortable with the calm, positive and professional nature of the people at JOB. I was assigned to Mr. ******, and quickly came to trust and relish the relationship. I found their process to be simple, practical and no-nonsense, a refined improvement on other systems. JOB isn’t going to FIND a job for you, and as imperfect as the system is, it was their core process that worked in the end, with patience and perseverance and the face-to-face contact I needed with tough love that prepared me well for each interview. Mr. ****** hung through with attentiveness and caring on a somewhat longer-than-median period for me on a tough task, in a tough hiring environment. I now have successfully changed careers, thanks to Mr. ******. I needed him and his team. 


★★★★★ Review By: Greg G. 01/04/2018 

I was laid off from my employer in November 2017 and reached out to Terry. I had leveraged Terry’s services once before when I was looking to make a career change. My experiences have always been top notch. First off, a job search is a full time job onto itself. Terry served as a mentor and coach guiding me through the basics of the job search process. He also helped me with my networking and communications to avoid many of the pitfalls job searchers often encounter. I appreciate his help and support. One final comment: I start my new role in mid-January. Thanks again Terry! 


★★★★★ Review By: Ronald R. 09/28/2017: 

I was laid off in Oct 2016 and I did the normal job search things that most professionals do, updated my LinkedIn profile, worked with head hunters and used my network. After 5 months of almost no results, I used JOB as my coach. Terry Devlin of JOB was assigned to me and he taught me how to get to the decision makers. I have very good communication skills and assumed that once I got in the door I could sell myself. What I learned through JOB was how to set the tone in the interview and direct the conversation in the direction that I wanted. To make a long story short, after 3 months of learning and searching I received 2 job offers. JOB works, you have to be willing to learn some new skills, but it’s worth it. 


★★★★★ Review By: Jeffery H. 09/17/2017: 

I enlisted this firms assistance when ** ****** ***** cut their workforce in the late 2000’s. The firm provided me the tools, methods and capabilities in executive job search that I still employ today. I have through the years continued my relationship with its management in assistance for job information and insight for opportunities that present themselves. They have always been willing and able to meet and exceed my expectations. Great company, with greater personnel and caring for their clients and your end result. 


★★★★★ Review By: Cicero C. 09/17/2017: 

Without the help of JOB and its whole team there is a big chance I would be unemployed today. JOB is not only showed me how to get a job but also to learn how to be a true professional. JOB is a passionate and an amazing professional career adviser that really cares deep down about my success, and every time I leave JOB office I feel that I’m on the right 

path to success. Anyone that has the desire to be successful in their career should consider JOB. Thanks JOB for guiding me in my career path and passion in life. 


★★★★★ Review By: Vanessa P. 09/16/2017 

Terry is the best career coach you will find! He is really interested in getting you the perfect resume that will land you the dream job. Terry gives you all the tools you need to contact recruiters, hiring managers, and the right decision makers by granting you access to an amazing data base with all the right contacts; also, he helps you with the letters and emails you need to send. As part of their services, you get to meet him once a week, or as many times you need (nights and weekend included). He also organizes meetings with former and current clients for networking purposes. Terry understands the market and will guide you successfully throughout the complete process. He also volunteered to help my husband when he was laid off. If you need help and are looking for a career coach, do not hesitate to call Terry, I recommend him 100%. 


★★★★★ Review By: Fred I. 09/14/2017: 

I was laid off in 2015 and started applying or positions almost immediately with little success. I became a client in the fall of 2016 and it truly made a difference in my career search. Getting to know Terry was a real life saver as he helped through a very trying time with positivity and grace. The techniques used through this service helped me to reach people who made decisions and helped me land a great position. Nothing but good things from this whole experience. 


★★★★★ Review By: Debra T. 09/14/2017 

I started working with Terry ****** 10 years ago. I did all my homework assignments and prepared diligently for each meeting with Terry. Not only did I find the exact type of job I was looking for but I learned much about myself and my capabilities in the process. I am now more confident in my work and I continue to seek out Terry’s advice on important issues: ten years later Terry still remembers me well and his advice is very valuable to me. 


★★★★★ Review By: Cynthia M. 07/20/2017 

I first contracted for service from Terry ****** in 2005 when I was looking to make a career change from the Real Estate / Title Industry. Terry worked with me and provided a very effective resume and then guided me through my job search. Over the course of the past 12 years I have relied on Terry’s advice and counsel. He has been very supportive to me, acting as an advisor and coach. He even volunteered to help my son with his resume as he sought his first job out of college. Frankly, other than my college education, working with Terry has been the most useful investment I’ve made in my career. Thanks Terry! 


★★★★★ Review By: Carlos G. 06/13/2017 

I became a client in March 2017. I was laid off in January 2017 and up to the point when I met Kathy and Terry, I had applied to over 150 postings, directly to employers websites and through Job Posting Websites such as ****** and *******, without obtaining one single face to face interview. Terry was my advisor and after a few sessions, I had a new resume, an enhanced ******** profile, and all the tools I needed to launch an aggressive and effective campaign to find a job that would match my skills and my salary expectations. Terry also gave me very straight and effective coaching for the phone screenings and face to face interviews as well as a few book recommendations. After 5 weeks of becoming a client and following their program, I had two offers in hand and was able to choose the job that better matched my expectations and was even able to negotiate a better compensation package. The investment I made on their program was all worth it to me. I firmly believe I would still be looking for a job if I had just kept doing what I was doing in my job search before I joined Job. The tools and skills I learned will also be beneficial in this new stage in my career I just started. Thanks Terry.